Lohnt es sich, einen marokkanischen Kelimteppich zu kaufen?

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Moroccan Kilim rugs have many kinds that come with unique patterns. They are among the best choices in home decor. Specialists have been using these kinds of rugs for so long. In this article, we will illustrate and find out if a Moroccan Kilim Rug Worth Buying.

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Moroccan Kilim rugs are flat woven rugs that are principally known to be in vintage condition. Like other Moroccan rugs, Kilim rugs have many special types that are related to each region. As an example, in Khemisset city, Where we are based, you find the special Zemmouri Kilim (hanbal). You can read more on Zemmour Kilim in this article : Zemmour Rugs, Die Schönheit der marokkanischen Kelims.

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Kilim rugs are not only produced in Morocco, they also exist in several cultures around the world ( Turkey – India – Iran…).

In terms of the weaving process, Kilim rugs have the same steps as other rugs. But, the weaving technique is a bit different. Normal rugs are woven through hand knitting wool. On the other side, (since they have a flat weave) Kilim rugs are instead woven with horizontally matching technique.

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Kilim rugs are either made with wool, coton, or silk. Silk made Kilims usually have very complicated designs with lots of details. In general, kilim rugs have very special geometric shapes. In addition, the richness in terms of rug colors results in a big diversity of choices (Red – Yellow – Orange – Green…). Thus, the form and technique of weaving makes kilim rugs durable and resistant. All that results in the Kilim rug being lightweight and easy to transport.

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These advantages make the Moroccan Kilim Rugs a good choice in terms of home decoration and a fair investment to get. You can use a Kilim in all sorts of decoration: on the floor or even holded on walls.

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Here at Moroccan Carpet LTD, we provide customers from all over the world with genuine, high quality, and affordable Moroccan Amazigh rugs (Kilim, Beni Ourain, Beni Mguild, Zemmour, Boucherouite…). You can find several designs and shapes for multiple sizes in our store. 

Darüber hinaus können Sie Ihre Bestellung in Bezug auf Farben (32 verschiedene Farben*) und Größe (jede Größe ab 3×5 Fuß) vollständig anpassen.

*Sie können Garnproben kaufen Hier.

For any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us via email : contact@moroccan-carpet.com or on any of our accounts :


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