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WeBerber is a brand founded in 2017 by Abdelghani Hammoud, representing the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family. Situated in the breathtaking Middle Atlas mountains, near Rabat, the capital of Morocco, our family has a rich heritage in crafting exquisite handmade wool rugs.

Crafting Tradition: WeBerber's Legacy of Moroccan Rugs

Our mission at WeBerber is to offer natural, beautiful, and authentic Moroccan rugs. We have a deep passion for the art of handwoven rugs, which is a true reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the Amazigh people. Each rug we create is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted and designed by talented women from our Berber tribes. We use the finest quality natural wools, native dyes, and organic cleans to ensure exceptional quality and durability.

We take pride in promoting fair-trade practices and supporting the weaving communities. By providing sustainable income opportunities for our artisans, we aim to preserve and celebrate their craftsmanship, passing down generations of traditional knowledge.

At WeBerber, we value the importance of long-term relationships with our customers. We offer a diverse range of one-of-a-kind rugs that will enhance the beauty of any space. In the rare event that you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we provide personalized services to create a custom rug that meets your unique preferences.

WeBerber proudly announces its certification by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts. After rigorous audits affirming the superior quality of our handcrafted products, we have earned the coveted Seal of Authenticity. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional Moroccan rugs, weaving together tradition, and artistry with the official endorsement of the nation’s esteemed authorities.

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