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Beni mguild Rug

Vintage Beni Mguild Rugs in Morocco

Out of the traditionally designed Moroccan rugs, Beni Mguild rugs have been popular alternatives to people seeking for vintage flair. Beni Mguild is situated in the heart of the Mid Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is well-known for their unique diamond patterns, wool rugs and natural dye.

WeBerber is a premier name in the Moroccan rug industry, specializing in providing vintage Beni Mguild rugs, skillfully hand-woven on traditional looms. Our Moroccan Berber carpets are originated from the Berber villages in the high Atlas Mountains.

Though Beni Mguild area receives the harsh winter months, the Berber people use thick pile and the superior quality wool to make their rugs stand out from the rest and protect them against the harsh cold weather. All of our vintage rugs are handmade; so you will find different shapes of rugs to choose from.

Additionally, every rug from our collection has different thickness because of varying temperature all across the Atlas Mountains. The Beni Mguild rugs represent the harsh western Middle Atlas region and showcase it in their plush and thick weave.

Mesmerize Your Space with Unique Color & Ambiguous Charm

If you want to bring in the vibrant colors and ambiguous charm to your space, you should look no further than WeBerber. Our Beni Mguild rugs are woven on a vertical loom and are available in deep shades of red, maroon, and brown.

At WeBerber, we create perfectly-crafted Moroccan rugs ensuring enormous warmth, functionality, traditions and story-telling. All of them are the inherent aspect of the Berber culture. Our beautifully woven rugs look really great in home décor. Their overall appearance is full of colors and has the ability to bring in warmth to your home.

Handmade by local artisans and weavers, Our Moroccan Beni Mguild rugs are fabulous and you can use them in any room you want. These rugs will uplift the class and elegance of your home in a great way. Nevertheless of the type of Beni Mguild rug you will buy, it will mesmerize your space with its unique hues and ambiguous charm.

Shop for the best Beni Mguild rugs from WeBerber today and make a right purchase as soon as possible!

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