Orange Vintage Beni Mguild Rug – Authentic Moroccan Handwoven Wool Rug (10.5 ft x 8.6 ft)


Add warmth and charm to your space with our Orange Vintage Beni Mguild Rug. Handwoven with vibrant wool, this Moroccan rug is a perfect statement piece (10.5 ft x 8.6 ft).

Orange Rug
Orange Vintage Beni Mguild Rug – Authentic Moroccan Handwoven Wool Rug (10.5 ft x 8.6 ft)


What our clients say about us

Beautiful rug, fast shipping, very helpful seller. Will definitely buy another rug from this shop!

five stars
Raisa Rexer / United States

"Love my purchase, was exactly what I was looking for & as posted!"

five stars
Brianna Lee  / United States

"What an amazing sight to behold. Love the rug. The seller Abdelghani’s just a great guy to work with....definitely be back"

five stars
Kevin Goldman Abdullah / Malaysia

"This rug is so stunning. Communication with the seller was great. I even got a photo of it after it had been cleaned. It arrived quickly in Australia and is just as gorgeous in person as it was in the pictures. I also received a beautiful cushion cover as a gift! Thank you so much."

five stars
Kath Mason / Australia

"Such a beautiful rug, ordered another one the day it arrived."

five stars
Lutton Co / United States

Product Details:

  • Material: Wool
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Weaving Technique: Handwoven by skilled artisans
  • Dimensions: 10.5 ft x 8.6 ft
  • Colors: Orange base with intricate patterns
  • Cleaning Instructions: Professional cleaning recommended

Product Description:

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Moroccan craftsmanship with our Orange Vintage Beni Mguild Rug. Handwoven using high-quality wool, this rug showcases a captivating combination of orange hues and intricate patterns, reflecting the cultural richness of the Beni Mguild tribe. Its generous size of 10.5 ft x 8.6 ft makes it perfect for larger living spaces or to make a statement in any room. Each rug is a unique piece of art, representing the time-honored traditions of Moroccan rug weaving.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Moroccan Craftsmanship: Handwoven by skilled artisans in Morocco, each rug carries the legacy of Moroccan weaving techniques and cultural heritage.
  • Vibrant and Eye-Catching: The bold orange color adds warmth and energy to your space, creating a focal point that will surely impress.
  • Durable and High-Quality: Made from premium wool, this rug is designed to withstand everyday use and maintain its beauty over time.
  • Versatile and Stylish: The intricate patterns and vibrant color make this rug a versatile piece that complements various interior styles, from bohemian to modern.

Shipping and Returns:

  • Shipping: We offer free standard shipping on all orders. Orders are typically processed within 2 business days, and shipping takes approximately 5-7 business days.
  • Returns: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the rug within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Please refer to our return policy for more details.
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