All to know about Azilal Rug of Morocco

If you study old Moroccan history, then you will know about the Azilal rug. Furthermore, you will realise that the Azilal region has a particular rug design you have never seen or heard. Indeed, they stay a mystery to the vast majority today.

You will fall in love with these rug artistry pieces and realize that you need to have one for your home. When you have such a feeling, do remember us at Moroccan Carpet Limited. On the off chance that you have never known about Moroccan Azilal carpets, here is an aide that will be helpful.

How about we partake in this excursion together, exploring through a more profound comprehension of these stunning showstoppers.

What Is a Moroccan Azilal Rug? 

Moroccan Azilal carpets are a sort of Berber mat from the provincial capital of central Morocco in the High Atlas Mountains around 180 km from Marrakech. The production uses pure sheep wool blended in with cotton and evenly woven utilizing a gridded line of knots.

Who Makes Azilal Rugs? 

The Berber ancestral women of Azilal Morocco design and make Azilal Moroccan rugs and carpets solely. They have manufactured for use at home and energetically use general shapes and shading varieties in their unique carpet manifestations. As a result, the family lounges load up with delightful carpet art that makes each home interior special.

The reasons for the uniqueness of Azilal rugs 

The native patterns utilizing customary nomadic Berber ancestral themes and shading ranges make Azilal rugs unique. The cultural conventional weaving strategies passed down from one age to another are somewhat not the same as those used to make Beni Ourain carpets.

The rug weavers utilize virgin wool to make alternate columns of single-knotted lines with a couple of meshed lines. The outcome is a shorter rug with a delicate, smooth surface that feels grand under your feet.

Striking tones decorate each rug utilizing all-natural coloured wool and hued cotton strings. The back and base of the floor covering is generally a white or cream tone embellishing the regular shade of undyed wool.

The Azilal Rug-Making Tradition 

Craftswomen who gather delicate sheep’s wool local to the Azilal area carefully make each rug. They then wash it in the river with saponary plants and leave it out under the stars for one night to avoid the evil eye.

The colour of wool is in brilliant tones utilizing territorial blossoms and vegetation. The popularity of the Azilal rug is due to the straightforward geometrical shapes with the extravagance of a heavier carpet pile. The coloured and undyed wool utilized will, in general, be better on the surface, creating a brilliant fabric-like feel.

Ways to Recognize Azilal Rugs 

You can recognize the qualities of Azilal mats from Morocco by the mix of splendid tones utilized in Boucherouite carpets with the intriguing examples found in Beni Ourain rugs. Striking geometrical tribal plans are quite often used on a cream or white foundation. The genuine appeal of these weavings regularly depicts conceptual creations without balance utilizing irregular shading mixes.

Check the lower part of the rug for genuineness, where you should track down the natural tint of white or cream. These significant components are how you can know it is genuine Moroccan artisanship saturated with Azilal rug history.

Reasons to Choose a Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug 

The excellent rug craft of the Azilal people has high popularity to embellish homes and living spaces across the world. Solely the most skilled Berber women of the region make them.

The Azilal rugs resemble abstract artworks that add a provincial Bohemian appeal and ethnic touch to your farmhouse, boho, contemporary, or vintage interior stylistic layout. These magnum opuses are venture pieces that fill in esteem after some time.

Not at all like modest machine-made carpets that don’t keep going extremely long, the Azilal mats keep going for quite a long time, setting aside your cash. You will need to give these carefully assembled Moroccan rugs to your youngsters, safeguarding the heritage.

The best method to pick The Perfect Moroccan Rug 

The last thing you need to do is choose a Moroccan carpet, dependent on the size or comfort. Each Azilal rug is a piece of artistry.

Purchasing vintage Moroccan Berber rugs resembles looking for a work of art. Allow your heart to direct you. See what addresses you and mixes your spirit. Envision what it will feel like in your space on the off chance that it genuinely moves you. Encircle yourself with the magnificence that withstands the trial of time and gets you eager to live completely every day.

Instructions to Care for Your Azilal Rug 

Shake your rug outside once every week to dispose of dust and debris. Wool cherishes the sun, so do not be reluctant to leave it in the sun for a day once every year. Do whatever it takes not to vacuum your rug all the time.

If you follow these steps, it is for sure the authentic Azilal rug that you buy from us at Moroccan Carpet Limited will add décor to your house for generations.

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