The Beauty of Amazigh Jewelry

What is Amazigh Jewelry:

Amazigh jewelry is quite popular in Moroccan region.

it is very symbolic and often used as charms, beauty and for the headdress of a Amazigh bride.

Each tribe has its own style or the way of wearing this jewelry.

But they have the same concept and aim which is to keep the value of tradition.

The background :

Furthermore, Amazigh Jewelry plays a crucial role within every tribe because it is an emblem that describes and defines the tradition of each tribe.

The forms and designs that consist of have spiritual meaning.

To emphasize , some jewelry are believed to offer protective qualities which ensure fertility , protect from evil eye, bring prosperity, and cure diseases.

Amazigh Jewelry and Beauty:

The beauty of Amazigh jewelry is based on adding beautiful feature to an outfit.

Tribal women often wore a simple piece of materiel or two pieces draped across bodies and tied with a belt.

Amazigh woman often receive jewelry from their husbands at the time of marriage.

This ensures that she has her own wealth, in addition to showing her beauty.

The most well-known form of North African Amazigh jewelry is the triangular shaped Fibula.

Women wear it often in weeding as an accessory that is considered to be a sort of beauty which make them look different than urban women.

berber fibula

The secret behind this beauty:

The reason that makes these jewelry amazing is that they are made up with different materials include glass, coins, shells, beads, coral, and amber. They use these items to create jewelry such bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooches.

It is known that these jewelry are like a wealth passed down from mothers to daughters in order to make them proud of their root, and keep protecting the value of Amazigh traditions.

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