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Exploring the Different Makes of Traditional Moroccan Rugs

Handcrafted rugs infuse an aura that is full of sophistication as well as artistic dash to homes. That is the reason why, most of the home owners and even hoteliers are enchanted by its charm. Handcrafted rugs have a natural ability to enhance the appearances of living spaces in a great way.

What makes these rugs so special is that these are made of bright colors, attention-grabbing patterns with a traditional touch.  And the best part of these rugs is their uniqueness i.e. no two handmade rugs are the same.

We at Moroccan Carpet are the richest source of genuine Moroccan handcrafted rugs specifically the Amazigh rugs. But before scrolling through our collection let us have a look at some of the popular and in-demand varieties of Moroccan rugs available below.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are woven with rug piles ranging from none too thick in a flat manner.  Nevertheless, such rugs can be used on either side. The features of these rugs that distinguish them from the other options are bright colors and intricate patterns. Every tribe has its own style of weaving; hence you can find a variety of Kilim rugs. However, the patterns are usually similar i.e. geometric patterns.

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Amazigh Rugs

Amazigh rugs are traditional and rural kind of rugs and you can find a wide range of Amazigh rugs produced by 45 Amazigh tribes. However, the most traditional ones are the Beni Ourain rugs that feature thick shaggy piles with crisscross patterns and knotted fringed ends. Some of the other popular Amazigh rugs include the Boujad and the Azilal rugs that have brighter hues and abstract designs. So if you are looking for an abstract rug from Morocco, then you can opt from these two varieties.

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  • handira Rugs – The Moroccan Wedding Rugs

Handira rugs are uniquely designed traditional rugs that were woven by female relatives of the bride in eagerness of a wedding. Brides used to wrap themselves with these rugs while traveling to their new homes. These rugs are made of soft yarn like sheep’s wool, cotton and linen.

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Urban Rugs

Urban rugs as name suggests are found and produced in the urban Moroccan areas especially Rabat. Such rugs are influenced by the art and designs of creating rugs by the Middle Eastern areas. These rugs feature intricate designs that are eye-catching.


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Zanafi Rugs

Zanafi rugs are mostly produced in the Middle Atlas region. These rugs are typically long and narrow sporting thick piles for keeping their user warm especially during cold weather. Usually wool is used to make these rugs.

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At Moroccan Carpet you can find a broad-range of rugs in our inventory. From the Azilal Abstract Rug, Beni Ourain rug, Boucharouite rug, Talsint rug to Zemmour rug, you can find it all with us.

Looking for abstract rug from Morocco? Would you like to explore our collection with us? Then visit our website today.

You can also contact us at Contact@moroccan-carpet.comor ring us at 0624219261/ 0808507542

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