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Five wonderful carpets that are made in Morocco

The nation of Morocco is rich in cultural diversity in addition to background. Morocco is a nation that is popular for its worldwide pertained to food, design, and also particularly their carpets.

Atlas Mountains

While authentic hand-crafted Moroccan carpets are highly valued as artworks, many people normally can not identify what kind of rug it is that they are considering, whether it be a Moroccan rug or a completely different handmade rug completely. Right here are the lots of sorts of rugs that are created in Morocco, and what divides them from the remainder.

Beni Ourain

What may sound like a high-end style brand, Beni Ourain rather contains a people that extends throughout the Middle Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. A Beni Ourain rug is made of pure sheepskin wool. These carpets are normally light tan in color festooned with Amazigh insignia. If you occur to come across a Beni Ourain rug that is blue-green or beige in shade, it is taken into consideration unusual. These carpets are incredibly popular due to their classic appearance and also minimalistic charm. Amongst the significant Beni Ourain rug owners consist of famous engineer Frank Lloyd Wright, that owned numerous rugs of this kind in his very own ridiculous Chicago house.


Azilal rugs have stemmed from central Morocco, in a province that passes the same name. These rugs are made solely by Amazigh ladies. While they look like Beni Ourain due to their thick, pampered feel, the distinction lies in the shade. Azizal rugs will more than most likely have actually synthetic colored weaves that are woven into geometric forms. The color of these woollens originates from vegetable dyes. For an extra dynamic, creative variation of a Beni Ourain carpet, you would love to have an Azizal.


Kilims are normally associated with Balkan, Turkish, or Pakistani designers, however Morocco is one more country that crafts beautiful carpets of this kind. Kilim carpets are flat woven, indicating that they are not as soft as similar woven carpets; they will certainly show up thinner with no stack. While they are not the best to feel compared to other rugs, they are fairly interesting to consider with fascinating layouts as well as colors. Kilim carpets are compatible with lots of layout decors and are extremely affordable as well. These rugs are not made to hold up against foot website traffic, nonetheless. They are instead used as art.


Unlike the various other rugs in this article, Rabat carpets are extra on the ritzy side of design. These carpets, despite their royal look, provide some of the brightest as well as most saturated shades of all the Moroccan carpets. They obtained their name from being crafted in Rabat, which is, in fact, the resources of Morocco. These carpets typically feature a ruby concept in the center, bordered by a main area that is a consistent shade of red, green, blue, or purple. The diamond center as well as borders are developed with sophisticated, vibrant, and classy patterns that are virtually impossible with other handmade carpets. While these rugs are not as popular as they once were, they can still be discovered in the residences of Moroccan aristocrats and also upperclassmen. As you can inform, these carpets are the most costly of all the Moroccan styles.


Like the Beni Ourain, these rugs stemmed from a tribe in the center Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. These resemble the Beni Ourain with all-natural dyes, yet the difference lies in the Boujad rug’s use of pink, orange, and/or purple shades. These carpets additionally include uneven geometric patterns where the allure hinges on the individuality as well as developer’s indigenous workmanship.

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