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Zemmour rug

the zemmour rugs are all the rugs that came from the country of zemmour in the middle atlas mountains, Morocco.

And to give you more informations, There is 2 types of the zemmour rug :

1- the zemmour kilim (Hanbel)

all the flat woven are called hanbel because they are not usually used for floors.

But the Amazigh used them as blanket or even tent wall if they are too large.

This type of zemmour rugs came with a special geometric design Red Moroccan Rug Earth Pattern Rug that even the famous architect “Le corbursier” get inspired by them to create his masterpieces.

zemmour Amazigh hanbel vintage rug

let’s talk a little bit about the colors of the zemmour rug.

as you see in the picture above the zemmour rugs are colorful but the most of them are red/black or blue/white or yellow/black with geometric, parallel patterns Exploring Moroccan Rug’s Abstract Designs.

Most of these patterns have significant code that is only known by the weavers.

Also we can decrypt some of these patterns because we have found some similarity to it with the Amazigh tattoo. (you can check our article about the Amazigh tattoo)

2- the zemmour carpet (high pile)

It’s too resistive to cold because of the hight of pile not like the one above, this kind of carpet small moroccan rug is only for floors.

The zemmour carpet are usually red – orange with incorporate lozenges, diamonds, crosses and checkerboards.

The same designs of the hanbel and the only difference is the height of piles.

orian rugs zemmour red area rug

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