Is a Moroccan Checkered Rug Worth Buying ?

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There is no doubt that Morocco is a rich country when it comes to cultural diversity, and surely rugs play a major part enriching that. These handmade treasures, including checkered rug style, attract the interest of all interior designers around the world.

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A checkered pattern is a set of crossed lines (vertically and horizontally) that form squares. If you ever did research for a Moroccan rug you probably met at least once a checkered one.

The origin of this special pattern is, maybe impossible to be decided, as it appeared in multiple cultures in different places and time periods in history. However, the popularity of checkered pattern usage in textiles has majorly grown in the last century.

Despite the various Moroccan rug types, they all stand to be 100% handmade, 100% natural wool used and come with special geometric patterns. 

Moroccan checkered rugs are constantly formed of two colors, or only one color in addition to the cream color of natural wool. The possibility of color usage in this type of rug is unlimited. 

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A beautiful checkered rug is a great addition to your space. With the lovely bright colors, the rug will surely fit at any place. The dining room, living room, and even in the bedroom. 

Checkered rugs, whatever the square size is, firmly convey balance to your house. Planning to get a rug of this kind is a fair investment in your home decor. 

Here at Moroccan Carpet LTD, we offer you several checkered color combinations. Moreover, you are free to choose between 32 different wool colors (Purchase Color Catalog HERE). In addition to that, you can decide the size of your rug by yourself.

A fully customized rug is always the perfect choice. Do not hesitate to contact us at:

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