Dark Blue Moroccan Rug Beni Ourain Style Rug

Dark Blue Moroccan Rug Beni Ourain Style Rug


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  • Authentic Moroccan item
  • 100% Handmade
  • Natural Wool
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This Dark Blue Moroccan rug

Beni Ourain Style rug masterpiece will add style to your interior and impress all your guests! Here You can customize your Moroccan rug.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Ground Color: Beni Ourain Style
  • Handwoven premium wool on traditional upright looms
  • Finished with hand-braided tassels along each end (optional)
  • Medium Pile
  • Weaving time approx 3 to 6 weeks
  • As a handmade item, final measurements and pattern may vary slightly

Pick your size of Dark Blue rug, and we will start weaving it for you. If You are looking for a new experience of softness and comfort? An Original Handmade Dark Blue Moroccan rug is the correct item for you. Our Beni Ourain Style Moroccan rug is not only a shaggy Dark Blue rug or decorative piece to embellish your rooms. The famous Dark Blue Moroccan carpet is now on the cover of the world’s leading home decoration magazines. Our Black Moroccan rug will bring warmth to a minimalist and designer room. In more traditional décor, it introduces a dose of pop modernity. The little something humanizes a raw atmosphere or harmonizes a contemporary interior. Every Moroccan rug takes 8 to 10 weeks to weave. But in our Company, we assign 4 to 6 weavers per rug to make it in the quickest timing for You, which is 3 to 6 weeks. The Handmade Moroccan rugs are the most comfortable addition to the interior. Patiently made knot by knot into real beautiful art. Get yours now! If you Are Curious about How We make our Moroccan rugs? Check this video. Moroccan rugs are the bridge from an ancient civilization of the Amazigh, a nomadic people of North Africa, to the Globe’s latest Modern home. At our company, we give the client the possibility to customize his unique rug. Choose colors, style, and size, and then get your unique masterpiece.


Vacuum the rug as needed, preferably weekly. Clean any spillages immediately by dabbing with a paper towel, followed by some baking soda. Brushing it down with a hand broom brush will give it a quick refresh. Get the rug cleaned professionally every two to three years.   

Moroccan Rug

is carpet, weave, and other textile traditionally handwoven by the people of Morocco. The tribespeople of Morocco incorporated rugs from their time in the Paleolithic Era. In the past, Moroccan rugs were created by tribal tribesmen for their practical use, not for ornamental purposes. 20th-century Moroccan rug collections are widespread throughout the West and are almost always woven by tribespeople who do not search for or have formal art training.

If you’ve ever walked into a home & noticed elaborate, plush, and delightfully woven rugs on the floor, you were perhaps looking at Moroccan rugs. These rugs are beautiful & they add nice contrast to your home and help blend with your decor to bring a whole room together.

Available in many different sizes and tones of off-white & ivory, intertwined with grey, the Beni Ourain rugs are traditional Moroccan rug hand-woven by the Berber tribe. These decorating pieces are an excellent combination of conventional rugs & contemporary styles, making them perfect for any home. Most styles boast a natural white or ivory base with wool that’s intertwined into the rug is dyed dark to stand out against the base. Fortunately, these rugs fit most color schemes which entails you’re free to change your room as often as you wish without having to change your rug. One other critical fact about these rugs is since they’re handcrafted, they usually provide flawless quality.

Where do Beni Rugs come from?

Moroccan rugs come traditionally from Morocco. They are 100 percent hand-woven rugs made by the Berber tribe, which is where their name is originated. These rugs are usually brought directly from the Atlas Mountains which are situated in Morocco. Because they’re handcrafted & gorgeous, these rugs are identical to owning a costly piece of artwork. In fact, with a Moroccan Berber rug you can bring a little culture into your house without even realizing it.

The Moroccan Berber rug is an art based on the knowledge of ancestral civilization of people who have, throughout history, articulated their knowledge through ornamental means, sculptures, poems, drawings, colors, etc. A Moroccan Berber rug is, henceforth, an artistic object made in families of great pastoral tradition & who relied generally on the breeding and the agriculture for their living.

Are you finding the floors of your home to be drab & boring? Are you looking for a great way to spruce up your house with a little Moroccan flair? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should look no further. Here at Moroccan Carpet, we bring you Beni rugs that are handcrafted by real Berber people. Our Beni rug collections are one-of-its-kind! Whether you want Beni rugs for your contemporary or traditional home, we bring the best collection for you. All of our Beni Ourain rugs are available in different shapes & sizes – and all of them are handcrafted by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains.

[tabgroup title=”Information”] [tab title=”Shipping & Delivery”]

How long will it take to get my custom rug from the moment I order?

Orders are processed within 24 hours and sent straight to our weavers, who start making your custom piece right away if it’s not available in stock. The whole process—from shearing, spinning, and dying the wool to weaving, washing, and transporting the rug—takes roughly 4 to 6 weeks. The drying process takes a bit longer in the winter months, so please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery.

How much does shipping cost?

It’s on us!

Where do you ship?

We currently ship anywhere around the Globe.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

As soon as your rug leaves Morocco, we’ll send you a tracking number to follow its journey across the Oceans.

Is there a way to get my rug sooner?

In a rush? Send us a note at contact@moroccan-carpet.com, and we’ll do everything we can to accelerate the process, but remember weaving a Berber rug by hand takes time!

What do I do if my rug is damaged during shipping?

We take every precaution to keep your rug safe in transit, but if something happens along the way, don’t worry. Contact us via contact@moroccan-carpet.com, and we’ll make it right.

What are my delivery options?

All orders are shipped via DHL or FedEx International Air from Morocco.

How long does delivery take once my order has shipped?

All items are shipped by air from Rabat, so your order shouldn’t take more than 3-5 business days between the time it takes off and when it arrives at your door if you are in the United States or Europe, and 4-21 days if You are in Asia and the rest of the Globe.

Do I need to be there to sign for my delivery?

Someone will need to be present at the address to sign for the delivery of your rug.

Can I cancel my order?

After placing an order, you have until 9:00 PM GMT on the following day to cancel and receive a refund. [/tab] [tab title=”Order Status & Updates”]

How do I check the status of my order?

We’ll send you an email each time your rug makes a move. If you’re feeling a bit impatient, drop us a note at Contact@moroccan-carpet.com, and we’ll be back to you with a status update within 2-3 days.

How often will I receive updates on my order?

We’ll send you a note at each significant step in the process! You’ll hear from us when:

  1. We’ve received your custom order.
  2. When our team of weavers gets to work on your rug.
  3. When your carpet is woven, washed, and ready to go.
  4. When your order leaves Morocco, or if the rug is available in stock, you will get a FedEx or DHL tracking number showing exactly where the carpet is.

How do I know when my order has shipped?

As soon as your rug leaves Morocco, we’ll send you a tracking number to follow its journey.

How long will it take to get my custom rug?

Orders are processed within 24 hours and sent straight to our weavers, who start making your custom piece right away. The process—from shearing, spinning, and dying the wool to weaving, washing, and transporting the rug—takes roughly 8 to 10 weeks. The drying process takes a bit longer in the winter months, so please expect an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery. [/tab] [tab title=”About Moroccan Carpet”]

Where are Moroccan carpets made?

Our rugs are made in the Atlas Mountains, about 2 hours outside Meknes.

What is Moroccan Carpet made from?

Each Moroccan Carpet is made from 100% Middle & high Atlas wool.

How do you ensure quality rugs?

We’ve done years of research and partner with only the most talented artisans who have been making rugs for generations. The quality of our carpets is what we’re most proud of! Check what our clients say about us. [/tab] [tab title=”For Interior designers & Businesses”]

I’m a designer, can I order something even more special for a client?

Of course! We love to help designers realize their custom vision. Send us a note at Contact@Moroccan-carpet.com with your sketches, ideas, or whatever you have, and we’ll get to work. Pricing will depend on the complexity and size of the request.

What should I do if I want a design I don’t see?

If there’s something you’re dreaming about but don’t see on our website, send us a note at contact@moroccan-carpet.com, and we’ll see what we can do! [/tab] [/tabgroup]

Lately, you must have witnessed Moroccan rugs and carpets in all shelter magazines, managing to be both cozy and chic.
So, now you are wondering how could you make one work in your space.
Although choosing carpets for a home is an intimidating task, Moroccan rugs can be easily integrated into any design.
You will find many Moroccan rugs designed in popular vibrant and colorful palettes and can be found nearly every color of the rainbow.
If you are in search of a design little pared back, you can find many of them available with basic colors and simple, geometric designs, such as white and black.
The rugs are comfortable, urbane, and casual and can work in any decor – from contemporary to traditional.
Not only Moroccan rugs are great works of art but they are decorative items as well, adding color and texture.
They are less expensive than any other rugs available in the market today and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

History of the Moroccan Rugs

The art of weaving a Moroccan rug has its origins in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
The mountain tribal hand over this form of art from one generation to the other.
People in North Africa not only use this rug as home decor, but it is also a fundamental component of their culture.
Many consider this hand-knotted rug as a perfect gift for their near ones.

Types of Moroccan Carpets

The carpets are famously known as Berber carpets, named after the tribe.
They are made from hand-dyed wool and each rug is distinctive when it comes to the designs, patterns, and colors.
Fez carpets are the most expensive type of Moroccan carpets available.
They hold the most intricate, delicate handwork in terms of pattern and are densely knotted.
Kilims or Hanbels carpets are usually made from an amalgamation of both – wool or silk.
These are light in weight, flat in weave, and the designs are in hues of white, blue, red, mauve, and . These are a bit cheaper than the other two varieties.
Why Have Moroccan Carpets for Your Home?
How to blend the new with the old is the biggest struggle of modern time people.
This goes true for our houses as well. We want our homes to look traditional, modern, and stylish, all at the same time.
And Moroccan carpets perfectly fir the bill for this requirement.
They brighten up the ambience and make for luxurious living.
The carpets are unique and go a long way in representing your aesthetic taste.
The natural and detailed patterns, bright colors make them stand apart from their factory counterparts.
So, go ahead and add a dash of color to your wall, floor, or just use the carpet as a throw.

Interestingly, the Moroccan carpet does not only serve decor purposes but also have other beneficial uses.

On this note, here are some of the useful highlights of sticking with this carpet type.

1.            Firm grip

Floors that can hardly grip the feet while moving around in your home can be quite dangerous for users.

The fact is that you can slip easily, especially when your feet are wet a little. However, your feet can maintain a firm stand when you support your floors with Moroccan carpet.

This way, you don’t have to worry about sustaining injuries, since you can hardly experience a slip.

After all, this carpet can save you from having a broken skull.

2.            Noiseless feature

The essence of placing a carpet on your floors is to reduce the friction that the shoes produce while walking.

Most times, dragging feet can give an irritating sound to the hearers.

Therefore, with the help of a Moroccan rug, you can put an end to such occurrences.

After all, the foot-dragging act is a common thing among children.

Perhaps, you cannot stand this type of noise in your home.

You need to ensure that you have these carpets in places, thereby minimizing the impact of the feet on floors.

3.            Foot massage

After having a long day, one of the best ways to relax is to get a foot massage.

Interestingly, you don’t have to get to a salon to get this service.

Instead, you can purchase a Moroccan carpet to enjoy this feature.

The fact is that this carpet has enough silk that can accommodate your feet.

Interestingly, the silk can run through your feet, giving you that calm feeling after every contact with this carpet.

Finally, you need to ensure that carpets are part of your interior decor materials when creating an abode.

Fortunately, some rugs are a reflection of the people’s culture, owing to their mode of appearance.

Perhaps, you want to stick with the best rugs with quality silks.

Rugs from Moroccan can meet your demands because of their remarkable features.

On this account, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in today for more inquiries.



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